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Build a portfolio in minutes.
Automated algorithmic trading.


Invest With Algorithms.


A systematic and algorithmic approach to building your portfolio.
Quick & Easy

Create your investment portfolio in less than 10 minutes; Stocks & Crypto.

For investors who want to beat the market over the long term.

$ 10,000 Invested in

This Aikido Strategy

20 years ago

Would be worth today

Based on the backtested returns of Top Quality and High Momentum with a monthly rebalance



Avg. annual return

Based on the backtested returns of Top Quality and High Momentum with a monthly rebalance

How does it work?

1. Connect your broker

Integrate your stock or crypto broker with Aikido.

2. Pick a strategy

Pick a long term investment strategy from the Aikido catalog.

3. Create a portfolio

Create a portfolio and the trades are automatically sent to your broker.

Wall Street Uses Algorithms

The best hedge funds are quant

The majority of top performing hedge funds use algorithmic trading.

Automated trading is everywhere

Today, 90% of the trades made every single day are made by computers.

Don't get left behind

The space has been growing at 30% YoY. The public is starting to catch on.

Minimal Effort

Save hundreds of hours

Stock research can take days, and put grey hairs on your head. Let Aikido's long term investment strategies do the work instead.

Invest effortlessly

Aikido automates portfolio creation and rebalancing for all our long term algorithmic trading strategies.

Improve Your Investing

Tested by time

Use long term investment strategies, backtested over 20 years.

Top tier data

Access the highest quality financial data in the world - The Factset database.

Evidence based

Our algorithmic trading strategies are based on peer reviewed research that has been published in reputable academic journals.

Aikido Features

Here’s just a few of the powerful tools Aikido places at your disposal.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Choose from a catalog of stock & crypto investment strategies.

Automated Portfolio Creation & Rebalancing

Create or rebalance your portfolio with the click of a button!

Screen, Research & Discover Stocks

A powerful stock screener & research center to find you the best stocks.

Portfolio Tracking and Analysis

Get in-depth portfolio analytics and tracking.

Automated Algorithmic
Trading Strategies

Check out some of our best long term investment strategies from the past 20 years.

View All Strategies

Aikido Crypto

Automated Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Connect your exchange and invest a set amount into the coin of your choice every day, week or month. All automated!

Crypto Collections

Automate your crypto investing into collections / indexes of coins.

Aikido Eco

Remove the high polluters

Use portfolio add-ons to filter out high polluting industries from your portfolio; So you can grow your money with a clear conscience.

And much more coming soon...

Explore the world of quantitative ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)


Find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. Feel free to reach out to us directly on Discord or via our contact page.

Aikido Finance is the leading resource for long term quantitative investment strategies. We provide a catalog of algorithmic trading strategies which have been backtested over 20 years. With Aikido you can build a portfolio in minutes and integrate your broker to live trade a strategy. Our mission is to democratize Wall Street and bring quantitative investing to everyone.

Algorithmic trading or quantitative investing involves making investment decisions using a systematic approach – following a recipe or set of rules based on long term historical evidence. It is the search for above average returns using data. The Aikido catalog is a great resource for quantitative investment strategies.

Most of them are free! You can access Basic investment strategies such as Concentrated Quality and manually trade (follow along in any broker you like). Our mission is to democratize Wall Street. Access to algorithmic trading has traditionally been confined to the elite. We want these investment strategies to be available to everyone. You can get started for free here. If you are interested in live-trading/premium strategies, you can upgrade from our plans page

Premium Aikido members can integrate their broker to live-trade any algorithmic trading strategy (makes it 10X easier/faster to build a portfolio). Currently we support Interactive Brokers for stocks, and Binance, Kraken, FTX, Kucoin, and Coinbase for cryptocurrencies. We will be introducing more brokers/exchanges throughout 2022. NOTE: You can follow along with any broker you like when you manually trade a strategy.

We currently add investment strategies on a monthly basis after an extensive in-house research period. Our strategies are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are simple to understand and provide good risk-adjusted and diversified performance. Our investment strategies are based on peer reviewed research that has been published in reputable academic journals. We always provide detailed references to the original author's work for each strategy.

Our automated algorithmic trading strategies cover stocks and cryptocurrencies. We will be expanding our universe in the coming months to include global scope and ETFs.

A good investment strategy should have a clearly defined thesis. For example: “This year, I will be implementing the Top Quality and High Momentum strategy. I will be investing $5000 in the strategy. These stocks have high return on equity and price momentum. I will create a 20 stock portfolio using the investment strategy and invest an additional $500 each month. This strategy has averaged a return of 16.10% over the past 20 years.“

The best long term investment strategies utilize investing factors such as value, dividend, quality, size, or volatility. Factor investing involves selecting stocks based on the characteristics which best explain returns. The benefits of factor investing include risk management, diversification and outperformance. Some sample investment strategies are Superior and Steady Stocks, The Stable Dividend, Microcap Momentum.

Backtesting is a method for seeing how well an algorithmic trading strategy strategy would have done historically. It is the process of testing a trading strategy over prior time periods. It is used by many different kinds of quantitative investors including day-traders, algo-traders and factor investors.


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