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Linking broker account to your Aikido account

4. How to link your broker to Aikido Finance

Getting Started
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September 2022 · 5 min read

This post is for Aikido Finance Premium Account holders who want to know more about how to link their online broker with their Aikido Finance account.

Aikido Finance offer seamless integration with Interactive Brokers (IBKR)globally with additional brokers in the pipeline.

To begin automated trading with us you will need set up your IBKR account. Find out more on how to open a broker account.

Getting ready to integrate

Broker integration will be a straightforward process for most users. To make sure it happens as smoothly as possible here is an important checklist.

You will need

  • Your IBKR username and password
  • Two-factor authentication configured on your IBKR account
  • The IBKR Mobile App downloaded and activated
  • For US customers, make sure you have an IBKR Pro account (not IBKR lite)
  • Ensure you are logged out of the IBKR website (you can only be logged into IBKR in one place at a time)

From your Aikido Finance dashboard, click on your profile and dropdown menu where you will find Connect Broker.

connect broker

Enter your IBKR username and password into the two fields available. If you accidently enter your Aikido Finance credentials here, you will need to start again.

Connect to IBKR Pro to Live Trade
Trading mode

You can switch between ‘Live Trading’ and ‘Paper Trading’ mode.

Live Trading: uses your real IBKR account – ie. real cash.

Paper Trading: uses a simulated IBKR account – they normally give you $100,000 to play around with.

Paper trade

Once you click Connect Live Account, the integration process will take a couple minutes, don’t leave the page until the integration is complete.

Broker Dashboard

If your integration is successful, you will automatically be brought to your Aikido Finance broker dashboard.  You can also navigate to this page from the profile dropdown in the top right under Connect Broker.

The broker dashboard shows your connection status, market status, available cash and other metadata.

If you have multiple accounts, you can switch between them by choosing the appropriate Account ID from the dropdown on the left of the screen.

shows your connection status, market status, available cash and other metadata
Aikido Finance broker dashboard

Start Trading

If your brokerage account is connected successfully and the market is open, then you can create a fully-automated quantitative portfolio.

Common Problems & Error Messages
1. Incorrect Username or Password

Check that you entered your Interactive Broker credentials as opposed to Aikido account credentials.

Ensure that you are using your current password. You can verify this by logging into your Interactive Brokers account through their website.

If you have forgotten your username or password then this can be reset via the Interactive Brokers website.

2. You have the wrong type of IBKR account

You must have an IBKR Pro account to integrate with Aikido. This is the default in most regions, but in the US there is an option for IBKR Lite. If that's you, then go ahead and set up a Pro account – it’s pretty quick (and free, of course).

3. Error establishing a connection with your broker

If this error occurs, try integrating your broker again. Ensure the following:

  • All your credentials are correct,
  • You have configured 2-factor authentication
  • You are not logged into the Interactive Brokers website at the same time as trying to integrate with Aikido.

If the problem persists, please reach out to us via our contact page.

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