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My Journey to Becoming a Quant | Shane | Aikido Finance

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08 June 2021

By Shane Monks O'Byrne

That’s my story, when I was 17 years old, I went to my dad. I said, “Dad, I want to start doing this whole investing thing,” My dad said to me, “Shane investing is a mug’s game, it’s only for gamblers”.  And my dad is super, super wise. But I thought on this specific issue, he might just be wrong. Because I was reading a lot about the fire at the time financial independence retire early, this giant movement among millennials.

And the journey has been tremendously insightful for me as I’ve gone through so many different types of investing styles to one that I finally know that I can stick with because the best investment strategy is one that you can stick with. The takeaway message here is that everybody has their own journey in investing and all the different types of lessons they learn along the way. So hopefully, by me sharing my story, you can perhaps take some lessons from that, and maybe it can help you skip a couple of steps. So if you’re interested in becoming a quant, why don’t you check out Aikido finance, you can enter purplecow at checkout for a 10% discount on the subscription. Until then, take it easy