Aikido Introduction

5 Minute Read

09 October 2020

By Conor Naylor

Welcome to the first issue of the Aikido newsletter. We are excited to share with you we have launched in early-access. If you would like to use the platform then please reach out to us via our contact page. This newsletter will update you on our journey and provide essential insights on quantitative investing, including our outlook on the subject.

About the Company

Our aim at Aikido is to bring quantitative investing to everyone. We want to bridge the gap between passive and active investing, providing the simplicity of passive investing with the potential outperformance of the active approach. Quantitative investing has traditionally been viewed as a cryptic domain, reserved only for sophisticated financial firms who have access to vast amounts of data and talent. Our goal is to change the status-quo by democratising quantitative investing. We present long-term, outperforming quantitative strategies, enabling you to optimise your portfolio with just a few clicks.

About the Team

We are a team of four Irish software engineers with experience in quantitative and fundamental investing. We formulated the idea for Aikido in 2019 when we began building a back-tester. We coined the project ‘Doubting Thomas’, as we were skeptical of the abnormally high returns obtained by some simple systematic strategies. The premise of the project was to verify these results while giving us the ability to investigate the interaction of various blends of factors. We found the quantitative tools available to retail investors was limited. Additionally, a high level of prerequisite knowledge is the standard.


We operate at the intersection of finance and technology, abstracting away the complexity which you might be accustom to in other financial apps. We have built an intuitive and powerful investment research app, allowing you to maximise your invested capital with a data-driven approach.

The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.

– Winston Churchill

Aikido does the research so you don’t have to. Aikido processes hundreds of gigabytes of high quality financial data from Factset, dating back to 1980 and updated hourly. We have identified the characteristics which best explain the return of stocks. Based on these factors, we have curated a catalog of performant quantitative strategies. Many of these are derived from the methodologies of some of the worlds most iconic investment managers.

Make the most informed decisions about how to build your portfolio!

Aikido curates quantitative strategies, enabling you to view their backtested performance metrics. Select a strategy which best suits your goals and we’ll provide you with a list of companies which fit the criteria. Once you’ve created your portfolio, manage and track its performance over its lifetime.

The Future of Aikido

We have begun developing our next release, whereby we will give you the ability to create and track portfolios based off the strategies provided. We want you to be able to create and test your own strategies too. Stay tuned.

In the coming newsletters we will discuss in detail our process and the potential benefits which accrue to you.