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Democratizing Quantitative Investing

About Aikido

Why we do what we do

Quantitative investing is a data-driven approach to investing. It utilizes computers to make better investment decisions. It is very powerful. However there’s a big problem.

Quantitative investing is normally confined to sophisticated financial institutions; It normally requires a lot of financial knowledge, coding & data-science experience, time, technology, and capital.

• 60% of the top performing US hedge funds are quantitative.
• On a typical trading day 90% of trades are made by computers.
• 80% of hedge fund managers expect institutional investors to increase their allocation to quant strategies in the next 12 months.

While the space has grown massively, retail investors have little access to the impenetrable space. We mean to change that. Our mission is to democratize quantitative investing. We want to level the playing field on Wall Street and give more people the tools usually confined to the elite. No coding or in-depth financial knowledge required. No barriers to entry. We want you to be able to build your own quantitative investment portfolio.

How it all started

Aikido was conceived during a rainy Irish Winter in 2018 by four computer scientists. Skeptical of the abnormally high returns obtained by quantitative strategies, we built our own backtester (which we coined Doubting Thomas). The premise of the project was to verify the results we had read about.

After successfully completing the project, we realised that the quantitative tools available to retail investors were very limited.

And so, we started Aikido with one goal in mind: to give everyone access to quantitative investing. We want to help our users become more systematic, structured, and strategic investors.

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