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Our long term investment strategies have backtested returns up to 25% a year.

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Based on backtests of Top Quality and High Momentum.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.



Avg. annual return

Based on backtests of Top Quality and High Momentum.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Simple & Effective

Picking stocks doesn't work.

CXO found that the average accuracy of predictions from investing gurus didn't even beat a coin toss.

The quantitative method does.

Our long term investment strategies have all beaten the market, with better risk-adjusted returns in backtests.

Evidence based.

Our investment strategies are based on peer reviewed research that has been published in reputable academic journals.

Minimal Effort

Free up your time.

Aikido automates portfolio creation, rebalancing, and tracking for all our long term investment strategies.

Find what you need fast.

We carry out all the screening and financial analysis to build the best investment strategies. Get the list of companies that currently fit the bill.

Stay updated effortlessly

Our portfolio tracker keeps you notified and provides data visualisations to help you better understand your portfolio.

Proven Performance

Tested by time.

We test the historical performance of all our long term investment strategies over 20 years.

Reliable information.

Having partnered with FactSet, we have the highest quality financial data in the world.

Peace of mind.

Testing historical performance has allowed us to verify that our strategies work; providing the most reliable long-term strategies in the stock market.

Grow Your Knowledge.

Learn the terminology.

Fast-track your understanding with our investing definitions, education material and tutorials.

Teach yourself the skills.

Understand how to develop your own long term investment strategies.

Learn your way.

Learn about investing through quick video tutorials and more detailed written explanations.

Aikido Strategies

Check out some of our best strategies from the past 20 years.

Browse all Aikido strategies

Aikido offers a catalog of long term investment strategies to help you build a portfolio.

Based on backtested results. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

What is an Aikido Strategy ?

Investment strategies are designed to deliver above-average returns while mitigating risk. They look for stocks with factors associated with stability and long term performance.

Research Papers

Research Papers

First, we examine the academic literature to see what works based on the data. We use this knowledge as a basis to build the Aikido strategies.

Aikido Features

Here’s just a few of the powerful tools Aikido places at your disposal.

Investment Strategies

Aikido builds strategies based on research and evidence. We backtest our strategies over the past 20 years to find out what works and make it available to everyone.

Automated Portfolio Creation

Aikido helps you build a portfolio in minutes. Simply choose a strategy and we'll walk you through the creation process.

Portfolio Tracker

Aikido provides in-depth portfolio analytics and helps you rebalance, giving you insight into your money that you won't find anywhere else.

Brokerage Integration (Coming soon!)

Aikido lets you integrate your broker so that you can live-trade our strategies. Providing a simple, frictionless, stress-free investing experience.

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what our customers have to say about Aikido.

Investing according to tried and tested formulae is the best way for retail investors to achieve consistent and compounding returns over a long time period. With Aikido, I’ve finally been able to invest with confidence, and rely on quantitive research to make the right investment decisions.

- Colm Quish

I want to build a steady return over the coming years and aikido is certainly delivering that. I would highly recommend Aikido to anyone. Especially those like myself that need a helping hand.

- Barry Loftus

I have found the website to be accessible, easy to understand, and a great gateway into the world of investing, as I am very much a beginner. I watched one of the Aikido webinars and found it to be concise and informative, yet without flooding me with information.

- Lee Grant

Sustainable Investing

We give you the ability to filter out high polluting industries from your portfolio. So you can grow your money with a clear conscience.


Aikido Crypto

Take the power of Aikido's data-driven approach to your crypto wallet. We plan to have crypto startegies available by the end of 2021!


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Find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. Feel free to reach out to us directly on Discord or via our contact page.

Aikido Finance is the leading resource for long term investment strategies. We provide a catalog of evidence-based strategies which we have backtested over the past 20 years. All of our strategies have out-performed the market. With Aikido you can build a portfolio in minutes and integrate your broker to live trade a strategy. Our mission is to democratize Wall Street and bring quantitative investing to everyone.

Quantitative investing involves making investment decisions using a systematic approach – following a recipe or set of rules based on long term historical evidence. It is the search for above average returns using data. The Aikido catalog is a great resource for quantitative investment strategies.

Basic investment strategies from the Aikido Catalog such as Concentrated Quality are totally free to use! Our mission is to democratize Wall Street. Quantitative investment strategies have required upwards of $100,000 to even get started. We make our strategies available to everyone. You can get started for free here.

We currently add strategies on a monthly basis after an extensive in-house research period. Our strategies are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are simple to understand and provide good risk-adjusted and diversified performance. Our investment strategies are based on peer reviewed research that has been published in reputable academic journals. We always provide detailed references to the original author's work for each strategy.

Our strategies use US equities (companies) and are long only. We will be expanding our strategies in the coming months to include global scope, ETFs, and crypto.

A good investment strategy should have a clearly defined thesis. For example: “This year, I will be implementing the Top Quality and High Momentum strategy. I will be investing $5000 in the strategy. These stocks have high return on equity and price momentum. I will create a 20 stock portfolio using the investment strategy and invest an additional $500 each month. This strategy has averaged a return of 16.10% over the past 20 years.“

The best long term investment strategies utilize investing factors such as value, dividend, quality, size, or volatility. Factor investing involves selecting stocks based on the characteristics which best explain returns. The benefits of factor investing include risk management, diversification and outperformance. Some sample investment strategies are Superior and Steady Stocks, The Stable Dividend, Microcap Momentum.

Backtesting is a method for seeing how well an investment strategy would have done historically. It is the process of testing a trading strategy over prior time periods. It is used by many different kinds of quantitative investors including day-traders, algo-traders and factor investors.


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