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Free up your time. Aikido automates portfolio creation, management and rebalancing for all of our stock trading strategies.

Find what you need fast. Our software carries out all screening and financial analysis to build the best investment strategy.

Stay updated effortlessly Using our portfolio tracker. We keep you notified and provide data visualisations to better understand your portfolio.

Proven Performance

Tested by time We track the historical performance of all our long term investment strategies over 20 years.

Reliable Information Having partnered with FactSet, we have the highest quality financial data in the world.

Peace of mind. Testing historical performance has allowed us to verify that our strategies work, and determine the risk-adjusted return to give some of the most reliable strategies in the stock market.

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Learn the terminology with our investing definitions and tutorials.

Teach yourself the skills needed to understand and develop your own investing strategies.

Learn your way. Learn about investing through quick video tutorials and more detailed written explanations.

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